Only 15 minutes away from Lucerne you find Mount Stanserhorn in the beautiful canton of Nidwalden. Celebrate your occasion at lofty heights. Would you like to go on a special excursion together or have a mountain exclusively for you in the evening? The Rondorama® revolving restaurant team will be happy to organise this for you. After the ride with the funicular railway from 1893, you will soar up to the Stanserhorn - 1'900 metres above any daily routine - with the world's only aerial cableway CabriO. With wind in your hair, you will enjoy a unique experience.

Explore and culinary pleasure

100 kilometres of alpine panorama and ten Swiss lakes lie at your feet and culinary delight awaits you in the revolving restaurant. Let the Alps revolve around you and enjoy the view.

Mount Stanserhorn is a plant protection area and a place of good energy at the same time. The Stanserhorn ranger will be happy to tell you more. 17 rangers are volunteers on Mount Stanserhorn. You can enjoy the guided tour free of charge - enriched by a lot of valuable information.


Opening hours railways

April to November

Ideas for group activities

Guided tour with the ranger on the mountain, technical ranger guided tour through the engine room, walk around the summit (30 minutes)


Location and contact

Stansstaderstrasse 19
6370 Stans
+41 (0)41 618 80 40