Financial support

Aim of the congress subsidy

As part of the congress promotion programme, the City of Lucerne, Lucerne Tourism, Lucerne Economic Development and Lucerne Hotels promote the development and implementation of congresses in Lucerne by means of financial contributions.

The aim of the congress subsidy is to optimize tourism value creation and establish Lucerne as one of Switzerland’s key congress cities. Furthermore, the promotion of congresses is intended to extend the length of stay in a targeted manner and improve the seasonal occupancy rate.

Application and subsidy allocation

Subsidy applications must be made using the form titled “Application for subsidies for congresses in Lucerne" and sent to the Lucerne Convention Bureau (LCB). Applications must be received at least one month before the start of the event.

The allocation of subsidies is determined by a commission comprising a representative from the partner organizations providing financial support (City of Lucerne, Lucerne Tourism, Lucerne Economic Development and Lucerne Hotels). Applications are considered at commission meetings, which are held on a quarterly basis. The commission’s decision is then relayed to the event organizer. The payment of subsidies is made by the LCB after the event, provided that it was held in accordance with the information submitted by the applicants.

Criteria for the allocation of subsidies

Congresses must meet the following minimum criteria to be eligible for congress funding grants:

Minimum criteria

  • The minimum duration of the event is 1.5 days and the official programme includes an overnight stay in a hotel.
  • The event has at least 100 delegates.
  • The venue is primarily a congress or event centre which is a member of the LCB.
  • Overnight stays will be made if possible by LCB hotel partners.
  • The focus is on the city of Lucerne (venue and overnight stay).

 Additional criteria

  • The organizer encourages delegates to travel by public transport.
  • Local service providers (catering, decoration, transport, etc.) are to be considered.
  • The organizer’s professionalism is guaranteed.   

Subsidy amount

The number of overnight stays in Lucerne hotels forms the basis for the assessment of the subsidies:

  • 100 –  150         overnights:                 CHF  2‘000.-      
  • 151 –  300         overnights:                 CHF  3'000.-     
  • 301 –  400        overnights:                 CHF  4'000.-      
  • 401 –  600        overnights:                 CHF  5'000.-
  • 601 – 1'000      overnights:                 CHF  6'500.-
  • 1'001 – 1'999    overnights:                 CHF  8'000.-
  • from 2'000       overnights:                CHF 12’000.-

The base amount can be increased by 75% if the congress takes place between November 1 and April 30.

Additional support

  • Give-aways for delegates and speakers
  • Provision of various tourist documents
  • Free public transport ticket in Lucerne with every hotel stay
  • Advice and organizational support from the Lucerne Convention Bureau

Return services from the congress-organizer

  • The partner organizations have the opportunity to be present in the delegate documents (e.g. programme) with an image advertisement (1/1 page), and will be linked to the congress website if possible.
  • The organizer is ready to put quick-screens “Welcome to Lucerne” at the entrance.
  • The partner organizations can, in consultation with the organizer, be present during the congress, visually or with an information stand at the congress and have the opportunity to participate in person.

Interested in a congress?

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