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Lucerne offers much more than the world-famous Chapel Bridge with its water tower, the Jesuit Church or the KKL Lucerne. You can get to know the city of Lucerne in new ways on the various themed tours. There is a lot to discover: Lucerne in the 19th century, the facade paintings, the trendy Bruch district or delicious food on a culinary tour.

The legendary charm of Lucerne is evident from the wide choice of themed tours. The "landlady with a passion for hospitality" takes you on a walk through Lucerne's streets in 1860 when tourism was booming – and hotel rooms lacked running water. That was a time when war, misery and loss were leaving their mark on the people of Lucerne – while, in complete contrast, the food served courtesy of fixed-price menus was plentiful. And what has a quarry to do with the new trendy Bruchmatt quarter? Come to that, what do all the facade paintings in Lucerne's Old Town mean? Lucerne's themed tours reveal all.

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