Outdoor Escape Game in Lucerne "The Conspiracy"

A story full of games, fun and excitement. Experience a fascinating adventure. But watch out, time is running...

Equipped with a escape case and your own smartphone, each team completes a predefined course in the old town of Lucerne. On the way, various tasks have to be accomplished. Will the team be able to solve all the puzzles within the time?

General Information

"The Conspiracy" is an outdoor puzzle game where you and your team become part of the story. Our game leader welcomes you personally and takes over the staging from the beginning to the end. You complete the game simultaneously in several teams (max. 26 teams). Equipped with a puzzle case and their own smartphone, each team completes a different course. The players need skill, team spirit and a bit of luck to solve all the tasks within the limited playing time (90 minutes).


Two to three smartphones (iOS or Android operating system) are required per team. Navigation is done by means of GPS. Local knowledge is not necessary. The game takes place outdoors (dress appropriately) and is held in all weathers. In case of bad weather, there is the possibility of implementing a stationary game version (without GPS).

Our Tip

Combine the game with a lunch/dinner or other social programme. We will be happy to advise you without obligation on the best way to implement this.


Date / Availability

All year upon reservation


CHF 42.00 per Person (4 to 11 persons)

CHF 38.00 per Person (12 to 80 persons)

CHF 34.00 per Person (81 to 260 persons)

Number of persons

4 to 260 per run


1.5h to 2h


Location and contact

SwissLocalTravel GmbH
Bahnhofplatz 3
6210 Sursee
+41 41 552 06 33