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From 1-10 persons
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CHF 159.– per person
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Explore the thrilling world of canyoning on a guided beginner's tour in the Chli Schliere Gorge in Obwalden, a true gem in the Lake Lucerne region. Often hailed as the most beautiful gorge in the region, you'll have the opportunity to experience its breathtaking beauty up close.

During this tour, you'll be introduced to the fundamentals of canyoning and have the chance to push your boundaries. The route includes easy jumps, exciting water slides, and impressive abseiling spots that offer you an unforgettable adventure. You'll glide down crystal-clear water basins, boldly plunge into refreshing pools, and descend along ropes next to steep rock walls.




Price from

CHF 159.- per person, including material


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Outventure AG
Rotzbergstrasse 15
6362 Stansstad
+41 41 611 14 41