Boars and Squirrels in the Animal Park

All year
Number of participants
Max. 20 persons
Price from
CHF 240.– per group
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Accompanied by a ranger, the participants discover Switzerland’s fauna on their tour. In the wood and between the massive boulders they find freerunning sika deer, mouflons and squirrels. The ranger explains the size and eating habits of the vulture and how a boar views its habitat. His bag contains items such as antlers, feathers and hides, and he invites his group to take part in fun activities designed to make the tour through the wooded and rocky part of the park one that everyone will remember.


Number of participants

20 persons per group, several groups possible


Location and contact

Natur- und Tierpark Goldau
Parkstrasse 40
6410 Goldau
+41 (0)41 859 06 06