Become a Bird at the Bird Observatory!

All year
Number of participants
10 - 70 persons
Price from
CHF 15.– per person
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The Swiss Bird Observatory at Sempach introduces participants to a whole new experience: they are ringed and get to know Switzerland from the point of view of a bird. Following the visit to the exhibition, they allocate themselves to their personal species of bird by means of the unique ring system.

The “birds” are accompanied on a stunningly cinematic voyage through our country. Birdsong is something else that is explored. Welcome to the pioneering, eco-friendly rammed-earth building of the Bird Observatory visitor centre. Groups can also be received in the evening.


Price from

CHF 15.- per person; evening visits: an additional CHF 300.- flat-rate


Location and contact

Schweizerische Vogelwarte Sempach
Luzernerstrasse 6
6204 Sempach
+41 (0)41 462 97 00