Restaurant gartenHAUS 1313

Lush green, aromatic and crispy fresh - that's the new gartenHAUS herb kitchen.

Let's face it: nothing works in the kitchen without herbs. They all smell wonderful, are visually and tastily fundamentally different and unfold quite extraordinary talents in certain combinations. At gartenHAUS1313 you can see what else they contain besides vitamins and essential oils.

The new kitchen team will give your favorite dish that certain something and refine well-known, classic Swiss dishes by giving them an aromatic fresh kick. Discover what herbs can do. Exotic grasses, Mediterranean leaves and spicy classics: the gartenHAUS brings them closer to you - and onto your plate.

In the garten(Gewächs)HAUS, get a whiff of fresh herbs and enjoy a culinary surprise - just bring along your hunger, some time and a lot of anticipation.

Room Seats Daylight Exclusively rentable
Restaurant 65 Yes Yes
Lindenstübli 35 Yes Yes
Terrace 65 Yes Yes

Location and contact

gartenHAUS 1313
Lindenstrasse 21
6015 Luzern
+41 (0) 41 240 25 65