Evenings with a great view on the Stanserhorn

Hand-picked ingredients from Switzerland and the Alpine region form the soul of the offerings at the revolving restaurant on the Stanserhorn. Even the journey to the revolving restaurant is unbelievably beautiful; first with the historic funicular from 1893 to the middle station and then with the world's only CabriO aerial cable car to 1900 metres above the Christmas lights!

Team of up to 50 energetic employees 
- On Thursday evening until 11.11.2021
- On Candle-Light Dinner Friday evening until 12.11.2021
- On Candle-Light Dinner Saturday evening until 28.11.2021

Team from 50 to 200 hard-working colleagues 
- Evening from Sunday to Wednesday until 10.11.2021: exclusive evening with extra trip
- Evenings from Sunday to Friday until 26.11.2021: exclusive evening with extra trip


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