Train Depot Tours

The oldest trains in the depot in Vitznau are 148 years old. The newest, on the other hand, are barely a year old. And yet these very different vehicles are maintained and overhauled in the same place, by the same people. The depot and workshop in Vitznau is thus a novelty; hardly anywhere else is there this fascinating encounter between history and technology.

During the tour you learn:

…why the Vitznau Rigi Railway did not go as far as the Rigi Kulm summit station in the first two years.

…why racks dating from 1871 are still in use.

…why the turntable in Vitznau is almost certainly a world record.

On the newly designed depot tour, you will encounter more than just one world record and lots of surprising information about the mountain and the railway.


Location and contact

Rigi Bahnen AG
Bahnhofstrasse 7
6354 Vitznau
+41 (0)41 399 87 87