New side programmes at Restaurant «Zur Werkstatt»

In the Restaurant “Zur Werkstatt” the guest decides what will be served on the table. This is also the case with the new offers "Kitchen Party" and "Impro Party", where the guests create the menu themselves together with professional chefs.

Impro-Party for the creative ones
Seasonal products, unknown ingredients and well-known shelf warmers are wildly combined. Together, a menu is spontaneously created during an extensive aperitif in the kitchen and then enjoyed at the long table.

Kitchen party for the wild
The best parties take place in the kitchen! The professional bartender will provide suitable drinks while the cooks and the guests prepare the dinner party. The self-prepared starters will be served little by little. For the big appetite the main courses follow and at the end the self-made dessert buffet.


Location and contact

Restaurant zur Werkstatt
Waldstätterstrasse 18
6003 Luzern
+41 (0)41 979 03 03