«Dragon World» - The dragon saga has awakened

The dragon from the Pilatus saga has risen, at least virtually. Since November 2019, visitors of the new «Dragon World»  on Pilatus Kulm have been experiencing and learning about the dragon saga in a fascinating tour. It is designed interactively, with games and fascinating effects, that invites visitors to linger and marvel, whatever the weather. Guests experience first-hand what happened in the 15th century.

In short texts in German and English, visitors are guided through the history and the dragon experience in more than six acts. Already at the entrance of the Dragon Forum visitors get first information. Venture down the stairs and immerse yourself in a cave landscape. The experience is free for all visitors.


    Location and contact

    PILATUS-BAHNEN, Pilatus Kulm Hotels
    Schlossweg 1
    6010 Kriens
    +41 (0)41 329 12 12