CHF 75.- p.P.
1.5 - 2 hours
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The countdown has started: In this gripping Christmas Challenge, you have to help Father Christmas with his acute problem within the given time. The navigation software of his sleigh is threatened by a computer virus. An exciting race against time begins...

The concept of Escape Games inspires more and more people. Suitable for the Christmas season, we offer the new X-Mas Edition of our exciting Team Escape Game. Tricky puzzles have to be solved and exciting team tasks have to be mastered.

What exactly happens? Let us surprise you, that's part of the game. Only this much can be revealed: The delivery of Christmas presents is in danger worldwide. Your team is the last hope. Help Father Christmas and find the necessary anti-virus software. Exciting puzzles and challenging tasks have to be completed. In this game, every participant will understand what the word teamwork really means.

At the Christmas party in the office, seminar room, restaurant or at an event location. We bring the Escape Game to the location of your choice.



Continuously bookable


Depending on selection, from CHF 60.00

Number of people

from 25 till 450 


Location and contact

Tab Events GmbH
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4053 Basel
+41 (0)61 321 50 00